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Alicia Novoa



Surfaces Rebrand

Surfaces, a musical group hailing from College Station, Texas, requires a revamp of their branding. Their style of music blends jazz, soul, pop, hip hop, reggae, and calypso. Their fresh new image encapsulates the elevating sensation and indistinct movements that one experiences while listening to their music, whether you're in a car, on a plane, in a boat, or on a train.

Art Direction & Copywriting:  Alicia Novoa





Surfacing Socials

Teasing fans with a sneak peek of what's to come, social media posts will be posted on Instagram.


The inspiration stemmed from Dr. Seuss' books and the various destinations one traverses while tuning into the uplifting artist, in addition to the imagery that comes to mind when envisioning the texture of the background beats.

Traveling Tchotchkes 

Merchandise is designed to be utilized, allowing you to travel the world in style while simultaneously promoting Surfaces.

The Vinyls

The redesigns encompass the fluidity and textures of the music, while also paying tribute to the fundamental message of listening to Surfaces no matter where life takes you.

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