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Alicia Novoa



Klondike Confessions

We've noticed that some of you are making extraordinary efforts to acquire a Klondike bar, and while we appreciate your eagerness, we want to give something back to you. That's why we're thrilled to announce Klondike Couch Confessions, where you can share your wildest secrets with our skilled experts and receive a Klondike bar as a reward for your participation.

Art Direction & Copywriting: Alicia Novoa





Out of Home

We appreciate your commitment to our brand, however there are certain actions that some of you have taken that we cannot support and therefore, we must make them publicly known.

The Couch

Acknowledging and accepting your actions can be a challenging task, but it is the first step towards growth and healing. At Klondike, we understand this and offer a safe space to unburden yourself. Take a seat on our luxurious chocolate-colored couch, and confide in our attentive and empathetic professionals. Let us help you move towards a brighter tomorrow.

The proof is in the pudding chocolate

I fought a squirrel for a klondike bar and didn't even win in the end

and how did that make you feel?

Ice Cream Social

Polar Pop-Up

Unable to reach the couch? We've got you covered! Across New York City, we'll be installing temporary confessional booths where you can divulge your tales to a qualified professional on the screen. You can step into the booth and express your confession with absolute discretion, and as a token of appreciation, you'll receive a Klondike bar.

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