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Alicia Novoa



The Experience

Forgotten Pizzas of NYC is a ten-day immersive experiential event designed to bring attention to pizza waste and our efforts to give back to the community. The event will feature three rooms that stimulate all your senses and evoke emotions. We're committed to making the event accessible and inclusive for all, and best of all, it's free to attend. 

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The Spot

Forgotten Pizzas

Did you know that 2% of all pizzas ordered are forgotten about and over 15% are not entirely consumed? At Dominos, we are committed to reducing pizza waste and giving back to our community. By partnering with The Common Pantry NYC and promoting responsible consumption, we can work together to eliminate pizza waste and make a positive impact on our environment and community. Join us in our efforts to make a difference today. 

Art Direction & Copywriting: Alicia Novoa


Dominos x The Common Pantry



Donation Box

To make it easy for our delivery drivers and customers to donate unwanted pizzas, Domino's donation boxes will be placed outside Common Pantry locations. These specially designed boxes will serve as vessels for delivery drivers to drop off unwanted pizzas through the slot on the machine.

Mobile App

Customers are now able to view available donation box spots as well as have the option to donate pizzas they either forgot to pickup or wish to as a courtesy. 

Out of Home

Our posters and billboards will be strategically placed throughout New York City to raise awareness of our new movement. 


At the end of the Forgotten Pizzas of NYC exhibition, visitors will receive a hand-written pizza box pledge to take home. This pledge serves not only as a keepsake of the event, but also as a reminder to hold themselves accountable for reducing pizza waste and giving back to the community.

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