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Alicia Novoa




the Roast

Preparing for Thanksgiving with family can be a challenging task. Fortunately, it's National Roast Month and we have more to offer than just roasted almonds and eggnog. As a way to show appreciation to our loyal customers, we've created a special Thanksgiving survival guide to help make your holiday a breeze this November. Whether it's tips for meal planning or ideas for fun activities to do with your loved ones, we've got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let us help make this Thanksgiving a memorable and stress-free one.  

Art Direction: Alicia Novoa & Ana Mitchell

Copywriting: Alicia Novoa 


Almond Breeze x Hello Fresh



The Vision

Why it works

The stressors of Thanksgiving come long before the day of the roast.

The Kit

We've partnered with Hello Fresh to deliver the ultimate survival kit straight to your house in preparation for the long awaited day. 

The Game

Games bring families together. If all else fails, lighten the mood and crack up with a friendly food fight. But be forewarned, things might get messy.

Turkey Tees 

Looking for a way to steer clear of forbidden topics during the holidays? Look no further than our matching t-shirts!


We plan to create fun and playful social media posts that will be shared on both of our profiles, teasing our followers with exciting news to come.

For when you've filled up the swear jar and the cuss words just won't stop flowing, we've got the perfect almond milk flavored solution for you.

In the highly unlikely event that none of our items work, we give you permission to cut your losses and start anew, both literally and figuratively.

Don't let burnt food ruin your meal – we've got your back with our first aid kit! With a little TLC and the right tools, you can repair the damage and salvage your dish.

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