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Alicia Novoa



Dancing Details

Our new look features our signature logo and slogan, "Sounds like time for AHA" along with our bubbles sound pattern that represents music and the fizz we all know and love. Sounds like a great new look for AHA! 

Sounds like time for AHA

Introducing AHA canned seltzers to Brazil is an exciting new venture! Brazilians are often limited in their options for flavored seltzer beverages, and we believe that AHA can fill that void. Additionally, we've observed a growing market for flavored sparkling water as a drink mixer, and we believe that AHA will be well-received in this context. With a population that values health-conscious behaviors, AHA's zero sugar and zero calorie formula is the perfect fit for the Brazilian market.

Art Direction: Alicia Novoa & Ana Mitchell

Copywriting: Molly Mavorah





Poppin' packaging

Did you hear

the buzz?

It's true! We are offering two tickets for Rock in Rio for each of the six flavors of AHA beverage launched in Brazil. To participate, submit your most imaginative cocktail recipe utilizing an AHA beverage, complete with an onomatopoeia-based name. The most innovative cocktail with the most fitting onomatopoeia name will be declared the winner.

Beat Pollution

The renowned Brazilian DJ, Alok, generated an exclusive rhythm on TikTok, inspiring millennials to duet his video and add more beats by recycling their AHA cans. The outcome? A fresh, engaging, and eco-friendly track!

The Sparkling Spot 

That familar sound. That incredible first sip. 

Beeping Billboards

Our billboards will reside in Subways and busy highways of Brazil to gain traction and raise awareness of the bubbly beverage.

Experience AHA

Get ready for a unique AHA experience at Rock in Rio! Dance the night away at our silent disco, tantalize your taste buds at our bar with AHA drinks, and show off our merchandise as you have the time of your life!

Sip, Sip, Hooray!

To create a stir in Brazil, we dispatched a selection of the most renowned influencers their very own exclusive care package.

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